Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make your own WinXp/Win7 all in one USB installer + many utilities (how to make super usb installer)

(Disclaimer: This guide is intended for educational purposes and for the use of certified Oem resellers, IT people,  developers and anyone who may want to slipstream and dump Windows xp and windows 7 operating system installers into a single Usb device, for the means of saving time and optimizing a work schedule,  this site and its owners do not encourage piracy and assume anyone  using this guide owns a legal copy of every cd/dvd and program that is used , and or uses them in a multi license environment. share ware/ trail ware and open source programs are used as well, and as always i encourage you to SUPPORT THEIR CREATORS!, Windows xp and Windows 7 are copyright to Microsoft corporation, any other brands and  programs are copyrighted to their respective owners)

Hot to make the Windows Xp /7 USB Installer to Rule them All :D - plus a pletora of test/repair programs!
Greetings and welcome once more, i have been busy with several projects, but i thought it was about time i brought the usb installer guide into full circle, since i have already shown you hot to put windows xp and or 7 installer into an Usb flash drive, and also how to slipstream all windows 7 versions into a single installer.. and this my friends will help you make your own Usb with both Windows Xp and Windows 7, a nifty tool if you find yourself installing Microsofts operating systems on a daily basis, and each with its own license i assume! :D

First of all, we are gonna need a few things so let me list them out for you :D

- 8 Gb or larger Usb Flash drive: Well a 4gb one wont cut it, and 16 gb usb flash drives can be found around for as low as 10 bucks (or even lower!) so get one ready you champ!
 - Original Copy of Windows Xp home/professional: 32 bit version CD Service pack 3 Preferred, i do not know how to make a 32/64 bit version installer, but fans of xp like the 32bit version and if they need a 64bit os they would jump right up to win7 x64 so... yeah..
 -Original Copy of Windows7 32/64 bit DVD : Service Pack 1 preferred,  a copy of a 32bit one and a x64 they  will give you all versions of each regardless of what says on the dvd (basic , home, premium, professional, ultimate) you can choose at setup according to your original cd key.

-A copy of the Ultimate Boot cd - : A Boot able Iso cd containing a lot of testing/repair software, all which are freeware (to my understanding), adding this to the Usb installer, will let you do many things such as testing memory, hard drive for bad sectors, repair them in some cases, and many more utilities, all important for a happy repair man :D
  *Hirens Boot CD - - is another Famous bootable CD, but it is known to contain a few pieces of copyrighted and even cracked software,  due to this, it has a wider range of testing/repair programs but i would advice that if you choose to use this cd, then go and buy whatever program you use from it, show your support i know i have :D!
-Configure your system to view all files and folders, system files and file extensions... but seriously if youre reading this guide, you already know how to do this! (if not click here and here for microsoft info on the subject :O
-A copy of WinSetupFromUsb found HERE or in my guide here
-A copy of Win AIO Maker Professional tool found HERE  or in my guide here, if you wish to make a Win7 All in one installer

Preparing the Installers -  get ready to copy files and make Isos!
WinXp -Slap your Windows Xp original CD into your drive and copy its contents to your hard drive, for simplicity i recommend you to put in a folder such a "c:\winxp", just grab all the files from the root and copy them over, leave them there for later :o

Windows 7 (single installer)- This is where you decide if you  want a simple Windows 7 installer 32 OR 64bit version, if you wish to only use one single version then just copy the desired version DVD to your drive, again to something simple as "c:\win732" OR "c:\win764", in a world of more than 4 gigs of ram Win7 32bit is kind of useless.. but if you want BOTH then...

Windows 7 All in one installer - you will then have to follow my guide HERE , its easy, its simple,  there is even a simplier way to do it, you create an ISO image of  your WIn7 32 bit DVD and another of your Win7 64bit DVD, and then use the programs "AUTO AIO" button, where it will ask for the respective ISO images, then click build and it will build a single All in one Installer ISO image "Windows 7 AIO.ISO",  No hassle, no configuring, just quick and to the point Badaboom!
Proceed to place your Windows 7 All in one files in "c:\win7aio" or extract the   easily created ISO into  a folder with the same name "c:\win7aio".

You Are Ready to go! - Time to get them all into your flash drive :D
If you have been following along, you should have the following folders on your drive
c:\winxp  <- containing the contents of your winxp cd
c:\win732 or c:\win764  <- contianing the contents of its respective win7 dvd if you want a single installer
c:\win7aio  <-- containing the extracted contents of the easily created "windows 7 aio.iso", or the files dumped by the "Win AIO Maker Professional tool"

With Everything in Place its time to head put it all together with the use of WinSetupFromUsb found HERE Just follow the steps in my guide here to prepare the USB drive, while formatting choose FAT32 if you want to use the ultimate bootcd or hirensbootcd as it requires it to function properly.

If everything has gone smoothly, the program should look like this, the windows 7 section  here points to an All in one installer folder.. use c:\win732 or c:\win764 accordingly if you chose to only use one of them...

It will copy files.. over 5 Gigs of will take a while , just let it go, do not cancel, and wait until a button pops up saying "DONE"... congratilations you have a Windows Xp / windows 7 all in one  USB Installer :D

Adding Bootable Isos/Utilities  to the Usb Boot Menu - Editing Menu.lst
To add Iso images to boot into, such as ultimateboot cd or Hirensboot cd, we need to place the iso files of our utilities in the root folder of the flash drive and edit the file Menu.lst in a text editor, then we need to add a few lines  and commands for it to appear on the boot list, dont worry, i have the templates for them :D, make sure to first make a back up of the file!

  • title Start (name of program) from partition 0
    map --unmap=0:0xff
    map --unhook
    root (hd0,0)
    map /iso.iso (0xff) || map --mem /iso.iso (0xff)
    map --hook
    root (0xff)
    configfile /grub4dos.lst || chainloader (0xff)
    map --unmap=0:0xff
By adding these lines to the end of the Menu.lst file, you add it to the boot menu and it knows what to do with the iso file, of course you have to replace iso.iso with the name of your custom Iso image, as long as its a bootable iso file, it will work, of course this wont work with Operating system install isos.  I use quite a few useful programs such as Memtest to check memory, Windows password remover, Video card memory checker, and even a  FreeDos boot loader for when i need to flash a motherboard bios and many others!

I hope this guide helps you stream line your work and spend more time having fun, than looking for your scratched cds.. and as always support software developers!

See you next time :D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diablo 3 - A good game but not Diablo 3

Back in 1996 Blizzard gave birth to one of the most successful hack and slash, dungeon crawler franchises of games out there, Diablo one, Characterized by its dark and gloomy environment, bloody hallways filled with blood thirsty demons, Diablo one was an adult themed game for computers that struck deep within the gaming community.

With a top down view, you moved around the screen with your mouse clicks, attacking enemies with your equipped weapon, and trying to survive the adventure as you guzzled down health potions.

An stat system provided you with the option to choose whether you wanted to deal more damage at the expense of having low life, or have plenty of it at the expense of a lower output damage, and as you advanced in levels, you had the option to customize your character as you seem fit, buying and using better armors and weapons, that had their own stat requirements, which made you have to manage and keep tabs on what stats to invest in, you also had the option if infusing your character with magic spells or skills that your found on your adventures, in the way of skill books. These mechanics where a game on its own.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 - and how i saved it from death :D

Only in today's world of computing, can you find luxury parts for your extreme customization needs,  while the market is plagued by many brands, one has come to cater to such market and Asus, offering is quite an extreme one! the Asus Maximus IV!

Kick ass 1155 mother board

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

D-Link router DIR-600 is crap - Various topics and ramblings

Hello my Friends :D
I have not had time to come up with a great topic and or guide to post here, but i wanted to keep anyone posted on my recent activity, I have been working and doing some work as usual, and doing some of the stuff that is still on the back burner.. heh but it feels good to actually have finished some "left for later" stuff.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fix your Mouse Clicks - How to repair your Dead Mouse clicks

Your Mouse is your hand - the best interface ever!
There is nothing more satisfying about using your own computer than being used to our old trusty mouse and having it work and point right at where you want, glide over the screen just as intended and click over any icon or enemy you wish to obliterate, you almost forget about the mouse in your hand and just become one with your computer....
a deadmaus :D

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little break - finding peace for me and all of my family

Greetings, i come to let you know that i will be skipping today`s post, in order to focus in a few things that require much needed attention.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Solid State Drive Tweak Guide - Make it Fast make it Last!

The wonders of fast flash storage - a fast death if not care full
So you finally get yourself a new Solid State Drive(SSD), everything will load and write much faster than a normal Hard drive due to not having any mechanical moving parts, but did you know SSD's can also suffer from severe wear and loss of capacity if you dont take certain precautions?....

Hard Drive vs Flash Media (SSD) - write cycles!
We have covered before , how and why hard drives work, and how they are prone to mechanical failure, heads, rotors motors can die on us at any moment, and after days of use , data can get fragmented all over the plates, taking even longer to read.
 SSD is structured like  hard drive, with an index or fat table, but memory blocks can be accessed instantly and in parallel too, By the time a conventional hard drive moves its mechanical parts to look for and read 10 files, flash memory media does the same in a third or less time.