Sunday, October 2, 2011

New domain name and how to properly configure it! - A personal note

100+ FOLLOWERS - Thank you
Posting my experiences here on this site,  i never expected to have such response, i have visitors from all over the globe,  people seem to love what i have shared so far,  and  i have been given a little help from my sponsors as well, i realized i should thank you all for your support, something that encourages me so much and makes me smile :D

COMPUHENTO.COM : to the rescue
Well the time has come to roll up my sleeves and   take things a bit more serious.. nothing big of a change here, other than to continue to  give you what i have so far, i decided to change my webpage name to something shorter something unique, COMPUHENTO  a word that joints my rl nickname  and the computer acronim of what i have dedicated my life to.

Setting up your own Domain name is more easy than what i expected, there are many sites dedicated to this business, but i have heard over the years how the company "", has always been there helping and giving services at a low rate.
Upon visiting, you are greeted with the domain name searcher, where you can look up if a certain name address is free for use:

yep you read right, your own internet name for as low as $12 a year

You are then shown a list of available domain name, even with apletora of extension name to choose from, while the most common and sought out are .com , you can nab .org and .info and many others as well, of course every name you pick will add up to the price so check carefully!:

while you want .com preferably maybe you can work a better name for your page with the other . options!

From here on, you need to create a godaddy account,  its free and easy, your user name and password (make it secure!) and after this simple step you are on your way to the CHECK OUT step, you can use major credit cards  or even paypal !!

You can set your new domain name to redirect users to your current blog/site BUT that is the LAZY way, becuase its just a mask and you will run into problems down the road (i learned the hard way)

Google offers a guide to use your new domain name for your blogsite, and its located here, i will try to give you visuals on the process.

domain parking - --AHOST -CNAME config
STEP 1 : Domain parking  - domain Forward
 You have to Log in to your Account Manager. go to My Products section, click Domain Manager, Select the domain name you want to use with your Blogger account, and then from the Nameservers, select "Set Nameservers". and lastly select "I want to park my domains"
 go in there and then...
 in here... :D
your ass is parked :D!

STEP TWO - Adding C-NAMES and A-Hosts-- Launch the DNS Manager!
On  the DNS manager, you have to look for the www entry and delete it (i could not edit and save it) and then click ADD and select a C-NAME, the value for the entry is "www" and the host to point to should be Repeat the process and ADD  4  A-HOSTS  adding your domain name in the form of  "" WITHOUT the www, the C-NAME will take care of that. the ips are / / /  remeber to Delete ANY OTHER entries in the A-HOST
 i had to delete the existing www - @ value it would not let me "modify it"
 creating a new www value worked fine this way

 Setting up the 4 x  A-host entries is tedious, but this will avoid people getting
errors when they input without the www. in the front


STEP TREE - (because of the dns roots and all , get it :O?)
Google advices to wait around 1 hour before attempting step 3, this is to give time to the world DNS servers to take on the new data and changes, i had to wait around 1 hour, i guess i got lucky!
you have to log into your blogger account and go to Settings - Publishing and set your new domain name there! you have to select Advanced mode (i already have a domain name) and input your domain name in the form of   or else you will get an error. ALSO select the BOX below to ensure correct browsing!
make sure yous select the "redirect to"
typing in your old web address will move you to the new one! / all links will be automatically redirected!

Well, google guide says that you may have to wait around a day or two for the servers to get your new configuration, but IT will work trust me, i had to wait only 15 minutes, and hopefully so do you! enjoy your new domain name, your old url  will take people to the new one, and all existing webpages pictures and links are automatically redirected!!!!

Living with social anxiety and depression  is not easy, sometimes  twisted weird notions of  what people should be or not should be can hinder your performance in everyday life, some days everything feels ok, and some others you feel like the whole world is just sending its agents and setting up obstacles just to put you down, wanting to stay home in the safety of your home.

The years have rewarded me with both good and bad experiences, learning so much about myself, life and the field of computing,what started as a project became a full time job for me, and  it started to become profitable, repairing computers, fixing operating system problems, and everything you would expect from a good repairman, and i think i have always done it with a passion.. i want my customers to enjoy computing as much as i do, reliable stable and fast.

Economy plays a big role in our lives, and over the years i have slowly started to see how my job has taken my life away  and how sometimes i feel i just live to work and pay bills, i am sure this is how many people feel about their jobs..  but for me the stress and my problems can aggravate things to the point of nervous breakdown.and it has happened a few times.

Working on this site has made me realize just how much i have learned over the years, and that there is always a solution for problems and you have to keep your hopes up.

The past few months have not been easy for me on an emotional level, but i have found some insight and
thought full moments in various pieces of literature, art and movies... and i want to share with you a piece of animation done by don hertzfeldt,  the life of bill a simple yet complicated person , just as each and every one of us, black comedy mixed with power full  literature,  i invite you to give it a try, and maybe  it helps you see life in a new light, and find hope if you ever feel down, The first chapter of a  3 part series is FREE in the authors Youtube Channel, so get to it! :D
first part of a 3 part series, check out the official site

Thank you for your support, i know i deviated a lot from the usual tech subject, but i felt the need to share this with you, things seem to be falling in place, and hopefully i can return soon with another use full tutorial, i will see you next time :D


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