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D-Link router DIR-600 is crap - Various topics and ramblings

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I have not had time to come up with a great topic and or guide to post here, but i wanted to keep anyone posted on my recent activity, I have been working and doing some work as usual, and doing some of the stuff that is still on the back burner.. heh but it feels good to actually have finished some "left for later" stuff.

Dlink DIR-600 - Garbage Router!

One thing i do want to bring to your attention, there is a horrible router out there  by d-link and it is the DIR-600 Wireless 150n router... it.. just has too many problems and bugs...

Originally crafted as the DIR-600 Model with hardware revision 1.00, this wireless router had a short run on the american market,  and was quickly pushed out to other countries due to the overwhelming problems that persist in this model, there are at least 3 revisions, the A1, the B1/B2 and the dreaded C1 piece of turd D:

The main problem with these model is the fact that they suddenly "CRASH" and stop working as intended after a few hours and or days of normal operation until you do a full reset, another problem these have is that network traffic and or downloads suddenly become very unstable, slow or even you get lots of timeouts and disconnects.

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And oh boy if you ever try to set up "Media Access Control" or MAC feature, which lets you filter computers by MAC number, you come to the realization that the rules are reversed, when you deny certain MAC's its actually letting the trough and when you Enable certain MAC's they are actually DENIED!

Also even if you upgrade the firmware from the official site, you run into these problems after a few days of use, Just google "DIR-600 problems" and you will get a crap load of websites and forums , with people frustrated and asking why their internet is slow or erratic!

One set of specific models is famous for being able to be re flashed to a different third party software program, that actually fixes all of the problems that come with the retail model.

DD-WRT.COM - new software for your router!
DDWRT is a website dedicated to bring a third party open source router software for many types of hardware out there, if the router is on their compatible database, you should check it out as it solves and improves service for many routers that otherwise are unsupported by the manufacturers and usually add support for new protocols.

If you own a DIR-600 model you should really think about changing its firmware, first of all log into your router and check the model/hardware revision if its a hardware revision A1 or B1/B2, you are in luck and will be able to use a custom tailored firmware from the guys at DD-WRT.com, this will give your router a reliable new software to run with, but if you have a C1 hardware revision.. well i got bad news.

Turns out D-link knew its early DIR-600 had many problems and decided to mass produce and ship all the remaining parts out to other countries at a great discount and just sell them off to regain expenses, and any trouble they had with the routes they would just replace and or force the consumer to buy another model, of course this is speculation of my own, but this is just what seems to have happened here where i live
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Big cable companies suddenly got a hold of thousand of these, and gave them way for free to their customers when they signed up, and boy the complaints have gone trough the roof, i do not know anyone here that is pleased with their "free" router and had to change to another one, even to this day, most employes of that company have no idea that their customers problems come from those damned things, any person coming to my shop complaining about their computers not having internet at home, are baffled when i tell them about this, and then they connect directly to the cable modem, and their problems go away...

The problem with the Hardware revision C1, is that D-link wanted to get rid of the routers as quick as possible, and with the least expense possible, so they modified the hardware to actually use and have less memory, the Models A1 to B2 have around 16 Mbytes of memory and its possible to use DD-WRT software on them.

With revision C1, they halved the memory limit up to around 8Mbytes and there fore cannot store the custom DD-wrt firmware.., and by this time, most DIR-600 are of revision C1,so thank Dlink for actually making it so that you CANT fix the problem.

Long story short. if you have a DIR-600 Router and are having internet problems .. its most likely its the routers fault!, apparently DIR-610 and later models do not have this issue, but still steer clear from these, there are better options out there....

Like my new TP-Link TL-R470T+ Dual Wan Load Balance Broadband Router!!
Mmmh maybe i should write about this and how it amazingly doubled my internet speed :D

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  1. 1 point for this router. its
    very easy to configure good for beginers.

  2. Hello,

    My D-Link DIR-600 works perfectly without any third party firmware even. (Only wireless signal strengt is minus.)

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  4. Hola.. Sabrás de una version dd-wrt para el DIR-610.

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