Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays! - down with the flu and some thoughts =)

Happy holidays dear visitors and friends!

Today  is the night when most of us celebrate with the family and close friends,  sing along and gaze at the  tree with its light bulbs and  decorations, and hopefully some more gifts under its leaves! a new laptop?, a sleek new tablet computer, or perhaps a new video card for games =).

Some businesses still need to open their gates at least for some hours to cater to their customers and give some service, even if its just for half a day, and even if its a  saturday, we as computer salesmen and repairmen strive to fix any last minute detail with those computers that are to be gifted, or ones that santa will deliver in the early morning :O, and as always i was prepared for such task

I got sick with the flu last wednesday, and it has been hitting me hard, long work hours and stress dont help at all, and it kinda sucks to have such  body wrecking ailment in such joy filled days.

But the nice thing about it is that i get to stay at home and rest!, and i am so happy to take the opportunity! no work for me this day! oh joy oh joy!.

Having family over will also keep me entertained and busy and perhaps i can make some of my special sauce and gravy , and  mashed potatoes for dinner,   i can almost taste them :o

A year ago i would not have imagined beeing in a place as this and writing up my experiences and sharing them to the world, hopefully someone will find a solution to a problem  they might have come across in their time, or just enjoys reading about weird tech stuff XD

I always find it hard to write some of these subjects because in my mind i got all the  information stored and i just want to blurt out all my knowledge, but when i take a gander of what ive wrtitten so far, it ends up beeing a  3 -4 page summary, and i know sometimes it gets boring to read in so many paragraphs.

I have been tryign to find a nice balance, so that i can come and give you nifty ideas and experiences but without wasting your precious time, but trying to explain as much as i can, while keeping things as simple as possible!

(reads back on all that i have already typed) Well there i go again rambling over a subject X3 when i was here just to wish you happy holidays.

Now i dont want to be a downer, but i just want to remind you all, that there are people in this world that are not as lucky as you or me, and have to struggle with  life  in ways we could never imagine, the weather is cold outside and there are people that have no warm cozy places to go to, and not just this time of year, but all around, so take it in your hearts and donate some goods to your local shelters, blankets canned food, monetary donation even if you dont want to think about what to give, just take a read at this wonder full quote.

"you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you"

If you ever wonder why you are doing what you do, just keep the confidence that sometime you will be able to help someone and only you would have been there to do it,  we live in a rock that travels trough space, make your existance count :D

I wish you all happy holidays,get closer to your family, take courage and phone in people you havent seen in a  while, its never hard to say i love you =)

Goodnight and be well all =D


  1. Merry Christmas to you, man. Sort of inspiring post, let's see if these resolutions I am thinking of will last till New Year's :P

  2. quite late but MERRY XMAS!!! hhahaha

  3. that sign is very true. Merry Christmas

  4. that last pic its touching!
    happy holidays :)

  5. Happy holidays to you to, Hento :) Enjoy them.

  6. I regret I've read this a few days after Christmas : ) Honestly though, it brought some of that magic atmosphere (yes! magic - not some commercial Coca Cola Santa) back to my heart. I hope you're all better now and also: thanks for the quote and wishes : ) I feel kinda proud, as I realized there are already a few people for whom I've done something they will never be able to repay me. In a positive way, of course : ) Happy New Year!

  7. merry Xmas ;] great blog ;] followed :)