Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new 2012 for everyone - some more thoughts =)


A new year comes - A new chance for all of us!
The earth has come around the sun once more, our calendars marks change and for the next 365 days we will call this year 2012.

I usually dont like to be reminded of my Birthday, it reminds me of my mortality of how much time has passed, and perhaps of how much time i have left to exist, i sink myself away in my hobbies and my work, and the days pass, some good, some bad, some ok, and its easy to miss the important things in life.

At this day and age most of us live in a commercial world, we spend our childhood playing and going to school, making friends and advancing ranks, preparing ourselves to the next phase, and suddenly our life becomes just a struggle to work, to pay for bills, to buy a car to drive to work, and work to pay for  said car!.

At the beggining of last year, i did not have any plans set in ground,to me it was just another year, of working day by day, and just making ends meet, watching tv, playing some games and just drone on.

I hit a nervous breakdown around the  middle of the year, feeling like i really had nothing else to do but work, it took me a few days, but i started to notice the world around me, i started to notice how the world was not turning around me, and how i had it easy compared to what many people have to live each day, me as many web surfers have the gift of technology and the chance to broaden our horizons and learn much more, to evolve and become better people.

I came across several pieces of art, novels and movies, works and words that made me realize i am not alone to question my existance, to think about myself and my cognition, about life and  how short and fragile life is around me,we are a speckle  in this vast universe, millions of stars and planets, and just in this one everything got together to form life and create our existence.we have to make it count!

Knowing that humans have existed for around 8000 years, just in the last 400 years technology has advanced in huge leaps, medicine gets better, what was considered impossible 30-40 years ago, is possible now, every moment we get closer to the breaking barriers and discover new things, and when you think about it, the internet is new, we will experience and live what will perhaps be the golden years of the web.

I Want to live forever - making some changes for the better

My life has not changed much at all from last year, but i have made a few changes, i have gotten a better work schedule, shaving off 1 hour from work might not seem a lot , but i get to live 1 more hour with my family and loved ones, i even get to cool down and sleep 1 hour earlier.

I no longer stress about not profiting as much as i am "supposed" to, this is about  life, health, happiness, this is what counts, to live peacefully and do good, enjoy the little moments of life and of our own existance, try to help others and nurture our minds and those around us, we only get one life!.

 Bitter Films -excerpt from "im so proud of you"

"bill was born late tuesday morning, into a world of orange and red, he likes the way the aquamarine rug feels across his hands, he likes sunbeams, and rockets, and the smell of the backyard in the early morning, he likes tigers and trees, and melted chocolate ice cream, and watching the lights while falling sleep in the backseat"

  "Someone sits on the shore, and tells him how the waves have been there long before bill existed, and that they'd still be there long after he is gone, bill looks over the water, and thinks about all the wonderful things he will do with his life..."

                                                                           Don Hertzfeldt - im so proud of you

I will return to the usual content starting next post, i got a few interesting subjects, having this blog, sharing these thoughts with you all, has really help me feel at ease =), thank you for all your support.

(go check out Don's works, they are awesome, he has many clips and the first movie for free in youtube!, the second one is even better and you should grab it, its so cheap! part 3 is coming soon!)


  1. I completely agree with you about work. People have been brain washed about how much they have to work and how much they think they should be earning that they forget the real important aspects of life, having fun and being happy! Great choice you've made!

  2. This is some interesting post.

    Have a year of success!

  3. I like how you added the music to go directly with your post. I agree though; we've become to 'commercial' oriented with our life styles. Our things define us and control our actions. It's a hard thing to separate but just becoming conscious of the situation is a step in the right direction.

  4. Great post, music made it quite inspirational for the new year =D

    Agree with the part about how technology advances so fast, it's incredible.

  5. you are a great person, thanks for been here and no have words to express all i want to say, just thanks a lot