Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little break - finding peace for me and all of my family

Greetings, i come to let you know that i will be skipping today`s post, in order to focus in a few things that require much needed attention.

Our Relatives family suffered a sudden loss of one of their members,  and me and my folks have been a bit spaced out these days and giving our best notions and thoughts for them, it makes you stop and just think about everything in perspective.

It is also time to give some time for my family as i know i delve deep and loose myself in work easily, i have to take these days to put my thoughts in check and give it all out for me and my family.

Summer break is coming, and our workload at the office has diminished, at the same time its the perfect opportunity to get back to some work that has been let on the back burner, and do some spring break cleaning, as well to come up with a few new sales strategies to keep the customers flowing.

Ill try to come up with something cool and technical to talk about next time..
until then see you :D

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