Friday, March 9, 2012

How to make Windows 7 x32/x64 DVD/USB Installer - choose from all versions!

Disclaimer:Windows 7 is property of Microsoft corporation, this guide is intended to help OEM/IT staff  an easier deployment of  windows 7 operating system, Each installation should be done accordingly to/and with its own dedicated version serial/activation. Please enforce the use of legal original licensed software!
Greetings my Friends today i come to share a wonderful program that i found on my web adventures, and with it you can create an ALL IN ONE windows 7 DVD/USB Installer, no more Hassling over several windows 7 discs to find the right version and scratching them all!

Windows 7 Basic to Ultimate - all the files are already there!
In order provide windows at various different prices and tiers, Microsoft came up with the idea of offering different versions, each one with more features than the previous, a Home Basic license costs much less than an Ultimate one, but it has less features as well.

Differentiated only by 32bit or 64bit, features are enabled or disabled  depending on what serial/license you own, most DVD installations do come signed to only install a certain version, but essentially all installation dvd`s posses the same files!

What you need:
  • Windows 7 Installation DVD(s): 32 bit and/or 64 bit, home, premium or ultimate, any will do.
  • NET Framework v3.5
  • Win AIO Maker Professional Tool (link below)
Win AIO Maker Professional tool - All the hard work is simplified for you!
Microsoft has a deployment tool to create All In One(AIO)installation disks, but its 3GB big and have to input loads of command parameters... I was amazed to find this gem created by Josh Cell, on the "mydigitallife" forums up there, give them a visit and grab it or download from CNET.COM here. its only 10mb!

Features overview - This program has it all, check what it can do!
  • Create .ISO backup image of your install DVD
  • Extract .ISO contents into a folder / Crate and .ISO from a  folder
  • Crate a list of windows versions  to select from at set up
  • Merge 2 sets of installations (32/64bits) into a single installer
  • Save everything into an .ISO to burn
  • Create a bootable AIO USB flash drive
Creating your AIO installer! - follow the steps
1- Copy install files over to your hard drive:
Create a folder on your hard drive named C:\Win732\ and copy all files from your 32 bit install DVD there, repeat the same for the 64bit disc using another folder name it C:\Win764
 (should you already have an iso of each disk, then use the programs "iso2folder" button to extract the contents accordingly)
2-Select WIMs install packages:Click the "select Wims" button and navigate to c:\Win732\sources\ folder to load "install.wim"
Click the button again and navigate to c:\Win764\sources\ folder and load "install.wim" it should look like this now: MAKE SURE YOU LOAD 32BIT VERSION FIRST
x86 are the 32bit versions and x64 are the 64bit versions

3-Save All Changes:
When you click the button, it will Merge all the files into a single installer, this installer usually weighs  4.3GB which is the size of a DVD-R (you may also opt to delete some versions from the list with the "delete image" button, the size will be the same, they just wont be listed)
When the program asks to "DELETE EI.CFG" click yes as its essential for the AIO process  

4- Save all into ISO:
Click the Button to create your custom AIO .ISO DVD file, i recommend C:\Win7AIO.ISO
You can burn this and use it as your MASTER install disk :D
*You can safely delete both c:\win732 and c:\win764 folders now that you are done with everything

5-Creating a Boot able Flash Installer: (4.3 gb wont fit on a 4gb usb you need 8gb flash drive)
I had several errors when i tried the "WIN2USB" function (before deleting any files) so instead i opted to follow my own guide here "How To Install Windows7 from usb"

In order to get all files ready, i used the Iso2Folder button and extracted the contents of c:\win7aio.iso  into  a folder which i named  c:\win7aio\ from there, you can follow my guide and point to that folder.

Enjoy your new ALL in One DVD/USB Installer, no more fiddling around and scratching all of your original Windows 7 discs!!
I hope this guide served you well and learned something new, until next time <3


  1. Great timing. I have to install a Windows 7 version. This a good choice since I don't know what version is best for me

  2. excelente windows 7 ultimate :) buen windows si po es bueno botearlo a un cd para instarlo en algun netbook :) saludo amigos

  3. 2-3 days i was looking for someone to explain this to me!
    and i found it! Thanks! :)

  4. Never did this, but will try it soon probably :)

  5. Seems very useful, especially for me cause I often need to format my PC and fix the problems.

  6. It looks like a future thing, don't know how long the CD's will last, so this is another thing, another thinking for sharing, re pare, and actually doing everything u need with a portable device that u can always carry in your pocket

  7. Very well explained, simple, yet understandable :D gonna test it out soon it seems, my PC started lagging :S

  8. Something like this makes you appreciate the vast knowledge out there. People like you and Josh have made my life much simpler. Truly appreciate it.
    Family tech support guy.